Announcing SALE
by leciwysu on 2020-01-01

Hereby I announce, as part of the New Year's resolution, the promise of SALE, a collection of SHELL scripts allowing for deployment of a quite sane and pretty minimalistic E16-based desktop solution.

SALE stands for 'Sane Arch Linux Environment' and it is not intended as a general purpose solution. For such we tend to recommend state of the art GNOME environments above all else, we find the 'new' desktop paradigm to actually be very functional, so no reason not to give it a fair try, that's our advice. The SALE's aim however, is the creation of a simple, tailored, highly productive and purpose-specific solution for laptop deployment scenarios. Collection of hand-picked 'core' graphical utilities (text editor, terminal emulator, web browser etc.) will be included, allowing for smooth everyday workflow in an elegant manner. More details are yet to come, in the meantime have a look at the proposed solution's screenshot.

I will let you draw your own conclusions. I believe the screenshot actually reveals quite a lot in regards to the underlying principles and the design choices. Just to clarify, no 'panels' of any kind are present nor necessary. Various menus can be accessed via desktop / screen edge mouse clicks, or via keyboard shortcuts. The proposed desktop solution unleashes the true potential of a clutter-free desktop, resulting in an extremely usable, pleasant and smooth experience. The choice of E16 as the window manager is by no means random, in our opinion it remains one of the best examples of the 'do the one thing and do it well' principle in the desktop domain.

SALE is to be expected rather later than sooner, as most of my time is taken by the fullfilment of various tasks and obligations. 'Life happens and it gets in the way', as one of my lecturers used to say, very true Loretto.

Any thoughts, suggestions etc. you are very welcome to drop us an email.